Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I lied...

Well I lied again! I don't mean too but sometimes I don't anticipate things! I said I was going to do the next installment of my A-Z post on Saturday like more than a week ago and I didn't! Sorry about that. My dad had to go to the hospital Saturday and they found out he has diverticulitis so fun times there. He is fine just he was in a lot of pain. So that kind of threw a hitch into the whole plan. Also I have been pretty busy with school. As I am writing this I have a presentation, a take home test, and two java assignments that I should be doing!

So not much is happening in the CP world. I got all of my CP shirts and they are awesome! I bought a shirt, tank top, hoodie, and sweat pants! They all are pretty much wonderful and really are a great quality. If you haven't bought one but are thinking about it, DO IT! lol but seriously they are not selling them for much longer and they really are worth it! Oh also I found out that it is Michelle and Morgan who are selling them so I'm sorry I forgot about Morgan on the last post about them!

Right now I am stressing over where I want to apply for school. As some of you may know, right now I am attending a Community College and will be done after this semester. I have always wanted to go to PITT but I am thinking about trying a few other places also, just to keep my options open. My major is going to be Mechanical Engineering. Right now I am planning on also applying to ASU the Tempe campus. It is really close to my Aunt and Uncle and they said that I could come stay with them! I went to Arizona last year and fell in love with it! It really changed my mind on where I want to go to school! I love my family but the closer it gets to Disney, and the closer it gets to me moving away, the more I feel like I don't think I want to move back. I love them but sometimes I feel that it would be better for me to move away. I am pretty sure it will be hard for my family if I do, but I think I need to branch out! Uhh! If anyone has any ideas on good schools I should look into, leave a comment and I will check them out!

So only 111 days until I check in at Disney! That means only 108 days until I am in the car and on my way to Florida! When it hits 100 days I am going to be freaking out! I found out with 174 days to the arrival! That means I have waited 63 days, good job me!(and everyone else who has been waiting)

Also I am now over 50 subscribers! That is so exciting!!!!! I can't believe 50 people would want to follow my lovely ramblings! I myself follow about 60 blogs and I read every single one of them! Whenever someone new says they just started a blog I almost immediately follow them. I love reading how everyone else is dealing with this!

Well I guess that is all right right now...
Ask some questions on my formspring, ask about Disney, school, my life, random silliness that comes into your head! ANYTHING!!! I love to answer them and I would like to make a blog post with some new questions, just no one will ever ask me any! :( Okay you can go now so....
Have a Magical Day!!!!!!

Thank you to Molly! She helped me figure out what was wrong and now I know! YAY!


  1. Hey, I just started following you, can't wait to read more posts! In regards to your question about the options for font size and color, did you get switched to HTML view in your post?
    On the top right-hand side of where you can type the text of your entry, there are two tabs (located right above the 'Preview' link) that say 'EDIT HTML' and 'COMPOSE' When you are in HTML mode you have the option to change text color and size yourself with codes, but clicking the COMPOSE tab should put you back to what you had before.

    Let me know if you need more help!

  2. Thank you Molly! That was what was wrong!