Monday, June 7, 2010

Horrible Blogger!!!

So I just want to start by saying I am a horrible blogger! I didn't forget about it, its just there has been so much going on right now, and not a lot of it is Disney related. But for a quick update....

I finished my classes and ended up with a 3.33 so I am happy with that. My mom got out of the hospital after 16 days and is doing so much better. She is still having some problems with her eyes but she really is doing very well. I started my summer class and actually only have one week left. I don't remember if I ever said but it is a fast course that is only 4 weeks long from 9-3 M-Th. So a long time but only for a few days, 15 to be exact. That is going very well so I will hopefully get an A.

I leave on Friday to go to Bloomington/Normal IL and I will be there from the 11-24. I am soooo excited to go because I get to meet three of my roommates!!!! I can not wait to meet them and experience their awesomeness firsthand! We are down to 63 days until Disney, it is all happening sooo fast, I can't even believe it! I still have so much to do before we leave it is crazy and I really only have two months. And one of those is very jam packed right now so that only leaves me with one!

I promise this is going to be much better while I am in Disney, its just that right now not that much is going on. I hope everyone who is down there already is having an AMAZING time and everyone leaving in the next few days have a safe journey and smooth check-in! It seriously astounds me that there are very few check-in days left before it is my turn! Almost all of the FA people are down there and I am the first Fall day! This time is flying by now!

I guess that is all and I will try to update more as we get closer and more things are happening! I also hope to document what happens in meeting some of the roommates! Also me and Brynn are officially roommates, like Disney has documentation of it! I could not be more excited!!!!! As always...

Have a Magical Day!!!

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  1. Have fun in Bloomington/Normal. I live 45 minutes south of there. =)