Saturday, July 10, 2010

Once a month!

Okay so every time I blog I say, oh this will never happen again! I will try harder to blog more! and all that and it never happens so until more exciting things start happening I will probably not blog so much. Now there are a few things I would like to update.

First while I was in IL I met three of my amazing roommates! They were awesome and we had a blast. We went to the zoo and out to dinner then to the fanciest Dairy Queen I have ever been to. There were about three plasma screen TVs inside and a fire place inside and out! It was insane. Then we went back to my hotel and hung out for a few hours and it really seems like we will all get along so well!

Second, my parents have now changed the plans on me! They were originally going to drive me down to Florida now I have to fly. This makes me pretty upset. It's not the flying down alone thing because I really don't care about that. It's the fact that they told me about 1 month before we were scheduled to leave and made it seem like it was no big deal. Now I am a huge planner and this really messed with my plans. I have been in a bit of a panic since they told me and I pretty much have everything planned now. My new plans are I am flying from Pittsburgh to Orlando DIRECT!!!(It was only $110 total for my ticket!) On August 7th. I will get there at like 8:30. I am going to check two bags and pray I can fit everything I need for the first week or so. Then my amazing roommate Brynn is picking me up from the airport and I will be staying with her and her mom until the 9th at the Sunspree. After I get my new address my parents are going to ship me things I couldn't fit into my suitcases that I already bought. My best friend's mom works for FedEx so she is going to help my parents out with that. I am so excited to get there and I can't wait!!! Only 30 more days until we check in!!!

Have a Magical Day!!!

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