Thursday, July 29, 2010

Less than two weeks!

In less than two weeks I will be in Florida!!!! I can't believe it is almost time! I have hardly packed but I have most of my clothes together, now I just have to try not to wear them! I bought space bags the other day and they are basically the best things ever! I love them.

SO I am flying out of Pittsburgh on Saturday August 7 at 6:20 with Airtran. It's a direct flight so I am really happy about that. For anyone that is already down there I can't wait to join you in the magic, and for anyone who is coming after me, I can't wait for you guys to get there so we can all experience this together! As for the dinner on 9/8 I can't wait! It is going to be so exciting to meet everyone and get to hang out before all the mayhem starts up. That's really all I have to say right now!

Have a Magical Day!!!

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