Monday, March 29, 2010

Been Awhile!

P.S. if you want to skip most of the boring my life stuff skip the 3rd paragraph and 6th one but if you want to read about my life then YAY!

Hey all you followers! (BY the way I am so grateful that this many people actually follow my crazy rants) I haven't updated in over a week but it has been a crazy week with school! I basically had a test in every class that I have!

Not to much to report on the DCP. We keep having roommate chats and I keep loving the girls more and more! I don't know how we found so many people that were so alike, but we DID! I may be going to Chicago over the summer to visit them so we can meet before we get there!

Also I may be going to either St. Louis or somewhere in Wisconsin with my sister for her job. She works for PNC and they are turning all of the National City's over to PNC's in waves and she is one of the tellers that gets to go do it! So I may be in one of those two places for two weeks over the summer! I know that it may not be the best move financially, but I really want to go! I am trying to save money, but that has been pretty hard for me recently! Normally when I am in school I can save money like no ones business but not this semester! I am going to be taking those two weeks off, then a week off for our family vacation, then I am leaving August 6th to go down to Florida! UHH! I will have no money! I need to figure something out. I have some money in my savings but I am taking a summer class and that is about $400 which I know is not that much, but when I have to pay completely out of pocket, on a minimum wage like 10 hours a week job, it is quite a blow. Also I think I may have to pay for the hotel we are staying at when we go down to Florida!

We haven't made the reservations yet but I think I sold my parents on staying at the Sunspree right across from Vista! And I think we are going down the 6th like I wanted! I am so excited for Disney I don't think I can handle much more waiting! I have made some pretty extensive packing lists that I am pretty proud of! I just can't wait to buy more stuff for them!!! I love to shop! So far I bought my new bed spread, a table lamp (that has an outlet built in so I can charge my phone on the table and it is PINK!) and a hot pink basket for the bathroom! That is like one 20th of my big things list, and nothing from my small things list! I don't know what to do! My mom thinks I don't need to start getting things this early! Who is she kidding!

Oh also if anyone who reads this is arriving 8/9/10 (yay for number in order, I have slight number OCD) and have yet to check out the FB group for the Pre-Check-In Dinner please do so! The link is here!/group.php?gid=102214253152509&ref=ts also at the bottom there is a place to go and RSVP for the dinner so we can estimate how many people there are going to be! I can't wait to meet everyone! Also if you aren't arriving on 8/9 but will already be down there, or you are arriving early for those 8/11 people, you can check it out and you are more than welcome to come too! Clearly the dinner will be help on 8/8!

I am pretty sure I can not focus on school anymore! I need to keep my grades up because I am transferring after this semester and I haven't applied yet so I still need good grades! But I am pretty sure that my summer class is going to kill me! I know I will like it (it is Physics for Science and Engineering III) but it is 4 days a week for 4 weeks from 9am-3pm!!!! Yeah I am pretty sure I am going to be doing a lot of doodling and copying (which I do not condone! Do as I say, not as I do!) lol

Oh and I painted my nails purple today! Yay for purple! For all of you who have been accepted in the last few weeks CONGRATULATIONS welcome to the Disney family! and for those of you still waiting, I am sending you lots of Pixie Dust!

I guess that is all for my supposedly short post lol!
Have a Magical Day!!!

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