Friday, March 19, 2010

So I went and saw Michael Buble on Wednesday and he was AMAZING!!! We got the PEC early and I am glad we did, it was so packed. We had good seat for what I paid, front row of the balcony so so we could see everything really well. If you have never seen hin in concert I suggest you should because it may have been the best concert I have ever been to. He is also hilarious. I would have never known that but he was sitting down and just talking to the audience, and it was so funny! Also his opening group was called Naturally 7, if you have never heard of them, look them up! They were amazing and they do something called vocal play which is very cool! On the way home from the concert we were using our GPS because we were not familiar with the area and it tried to kill us! It told us to turn down a one way street! And it was telling us it was right! It was very scary lol. btw we followed the directions until we saw the WRONG WAY signs, thats when we figured it out!

So we are still looking for one more girl for our room. If you want to see my roommate survey it is posted on here somewhere. My roommate is Brynn Barnett then we have Cheryl Waclaw and Melinda Kaiser rooming together, and that leave Trente Blonski without a roommate. We are all 21+, arriving 8/9 and staying in Patterson. We would like a nice girl that doesn't want to throw any wild parties (unless it is an awesome game night or dinner party) and preferably doesn't smoke (we are also planning on showing up at 6:45 am to get a place that we want). If we sound like the roommates for you let me know and I will introduce you to the girls. Also you can find all of our roommate surveys on the FB group page!

I can't believe it is only 143 days until Disney! I wish it was less but it will be soon enough! We are already planning all the amazing things we want to do! I can't wait to be there. I know we are going to be working alot, which I am quite alright with, but I do hope we have time for fun!

If you have any questions for me(which I love) you can ask on my formspring! Also I love comments!!!

Have a Magical Day!

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  1. My friend went to that concert, too and said it was awesome! I would have loved it- he is so amazing.