Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One month down!

Hey everyone! Sorry the posts have been a little lackluster recently. I am now 146 days out! My excitement grows every day. I may have a car to use now. We have a car just chilling in the back yard that the battery died in. My dad says there may be something wrong with the suspension but his mechanic friend can easily fix that. He says if it isn't too expensive and I get my license lol I can take it to Florida! My mom isn't very happy about this but I just really want a car. Also if I take it I have to take the auto train down because my dad doesn't want me putting over a thousand miles on it just to get there. This is actually the car we took to Florida in 2008 and it made it just fine, but I understand he doesn't want anything it happen to it while I am alone.

My family is really planning on coming down to visit me which makes me very happy because me mom says she will never go to Disney again, but she is! Also all the money my parents are getting for taxes is going to be put in the vacation fund to cover their part and my part! My sisters decided that I had to pay the same amount as everyone else even though I may only be staying in the hotel a few nights and I am not driving with them from Pittsburgh so I won't be using the car that much. And without me they wouldn't even be able to go! But my mom thinks this is ridiculous so she is paying for me lol. I always pay for everything so it is nice not to have to worry about it!

I can't wait for school to be over. This semester is dragging so much! The Disney presentation is going to be here at my school tomorrow. I am thinking about attending but I am not to sure because I also am going to see Michael Buble tomorrow with my sisters! If you are going to be in Pittsburgh tomorrow and you are bored and you want to see the presentation come to CCAC Allegheny campus at 2 in the Student Service Building. It should be a good time.

I seriously can not wait to meet all of you! I am kind of upset that I am not going to be there until August because I want to meet everyone now! And also getting to be in Florida for two extra months wouldn't hurt. I can't believe I found out a month ago! A whole month has gone by since I found out! It feels like yesterday!

Something that is in the works right now is me and my roommate are thinking about starting a Disney sorority called DCP (Delta Chi Pi). Just something fun we can do while we are down there. She use to be in a sorority but left this year and has a ton of things to use so we thought, why not a Disney one! If anyone thinks this sound fun, or maybe you would be interested let me know. I am not sure how far we are going to take this but I want to know what you guys think.

Also don't forget to formspring me!

I hope this was filled with all the Disney goodness everyone is hoping for in a DCP blog! Until next time...

Have a Magical Day!!!

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  1. First, I got accepted a month a go too and I can't believe how fast time has gone by! It's incredible!!

    Second, I'm super jealous you're going to see Michael Buble. I love him!

    And third, I know nothing of sororities but it sounds like a fun idea!