Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something Cool

So I found out something cool today. I was reading about Fantasia and Fantasound and found out that when Fantasia was originally released it was only released in 13 cities. They could only release it in these cities because they were the only ones that could hook up Fantasound. One of the original cities was Pittsburgh (where I live) and my dad told me that my great-grandfather was the one to actually figure out how to hook it up here in Pittsburgh. I thought this was very cool!

Me and my roommates have been having talks and everyday I love them a little more. We are all so much alike it is awesome! We think we may have found a 6th roommate but she wants to wait until next week to decide, which I completely understand. Only 142 days left, I really can't wait °o°.

I find hidden mickey's everywhere, and almost every time I find one I take a picture with my phone (if I remember to do it).

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Can't wait to see all you DCP Fall or FA people when we get down there!

Have a Magical Day!

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  1. That is very cool about your great-grandfather! :)