Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trying to post more!

Hey everyone! First I just want to throw in that I would really like some formspring questions! No pressure though! °o°131 Days!!!!!!!!

Okay so I have officially ordered my CP shirts AND a pair of sweat pants! They are very cute! If you haven't ordered them yet then I would suggest you check them out and think about getting one too! They are made by Michelle and she did an awesome job! Kudos Michelle! I think someone else may have helped too but I am not to sure, if someone knows then post below so they can get some credit too!

This wait seems so long! After spring break I am not to sure if I am going to be able to go back to school. After we had the week long break for snow reasons I didn't want to go back. And now that we are on Spring Break it is too close to the end of the year!

I found a shirt for Traditions! I got it from Lerners (or New York and Company for you people whos mothers don't call everything by their very old name!)! It was only $15 dollars! I am pretty proud of that purchase. Now trying not to wear it for 5 months is going to be hard!

Disney is following me everywhere! I see it everywhere and it makes me need to leave, NOW!!! Well...

Have a Magical Day!!!

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