Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 18!

e are now on day 18 of our Safari into 'The Land of Magic and Make-believe'. We have been looking for the illusive 'Purple Folder'. Some have been spotted by other members of our team, but most of us have yet to capture one of our own. They are slippery devils and are only seen very few hours a day. We thought we had narrowed down the sightings to a certain time frame between the hours of around 7am to 4pm. That has now been shown to be wrong when a few members of the team were able to capture one between 1 and 3 am! We now all are on edge due to the fact that we can not seem to figure out the pattern at which they move. It is erratic and nonsensical. Few members have slept more than a few hours each night, trying to stay on the lookout. It has been a long journey and all are getting discouraged. We are asking for any information that you have regarding the 'Purple Folder' to please be posted here for all to see!
Thank you and we hope everyone is able to capture theirs soon!
Enclosed is a picture of a 'Purple Folder' for reference!Have a Magical Day!


  1. this entry was super adorable. i hope you hear soon!!

  2. This picture is so cute! Good Luck! You'll hear soon!

  3. What a fun post! Loved it!!!
    I'm still waiting for my email! Hopefully we'll hear soon :)