Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay my polyvore of the day! I thought I would share with everyone (especially the girls), what makeup I wear on a daily basis. Now I may not wear ALL of this everyday but generally speaking, yeah! Sometimes I am too lazy to put any on and sometimes only my eye make up. I have fairly sensitive skin so I need makeup that won't give me hives. This is what I use!

Mascara: Benefit $19 each ($29 for both at Sephora)
Eye Liner: Avon $7.50
Face Primer: Benefit $36 ("that gal")
Bronzer: Physicians Formula $12
Perfume: Benefit $36
Face Powder: Benefit $34
Shimmer Powder: Benefit $30 ("One Hot Minute")
Eye Shadow: Cover Girl $4.99

Alot of this makeup is kind of expensive but a little goes a long way and I got most as gifts for Christmas and my birthday. That is pretty expensive to be spending on myself for makeup!

Have a Magical Day!

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