Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still can't sleep!

Alright so it is 5:07 in the morning as I start this and let me say I have not been to bed yet tonight. Thank goodness I don't have class until 1:00 tomorrow (or should I say today). So I decided to run down my top roles and say where I want to work if I were to get each role. I am telling you about my top 4 because they asked me what my top 4 roles were. However narrowing it down from 11 was a bit tricky.

First up FSFB! My number one place would be Tony's because it is my favorite restaurant at Disney and it is right off of Main Street USA! However, if I can't work there I would like to work at The Corral Reef Restaurant. The living seas is one of my favorite things at Disney. I LOVE MANATEES!!!

Attractions! I would love to work really almost anywhere but if I had to narrow it down I would pick (In no particular order):
~*~Buzz Light Year
~*~Toy Story Mania
~*~Rocking Roller Coaster
~*~Haunted Mansion
~*~Peter Pan

Merch! So my top pick would be working at ANY of the stores on Main Street. It is really my favorite place at any park. But if I can't get a job there I would like to work at DTD!

Custodial! So first I want to say that I picked custodial in my top 4 because even though you have to clean up after everyone, you really get to interact with the park guests. I love all of the parks so much, and you really are normally the first person that they see, that I feel like I could really help people find where they are going. That being said if I get picked for it I would love to work in the Magic Kingdom but specifically in Frontierland. If I couldn't get that then I would pick the World Showcase at Epcot!

That is just a little bit more into the mind of a cp hopeful and as always,

Have a Magical Day!


  1. I love manatees too! I did FSFB last Spring, so let me know if you have any questions!

  2. I am a lurker from Disboards (I post sometime, name is salukfan) and I am following you because you're from the same general area as me. I'm from Butler, PA. :D

    I've done the CP two times (three, technically, given that I extended an Alumni program), in Attractions (Emporium on Main Street), Custodial (Main Street USA again), and Attractions (Animal Kingdom; worked Festival of the Lion King, Pocahontas and her Forest Friend (R.I.P., show. It closed on my CP.), and It's Tough to be a Bug).

    I hope you get into the CP, it's a lot of fun. I spent a single day at "West" custodial, which consisted of Adventureland/Frontierland. I think they may have changed that to Frontierland/Liberty Square now, but the point is, I had a good time. :)