Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Discouraged

Alright so today is the first day people are starting to get accepted. Now I know only a small handful of people actually got in today but I was not one of those people. If you have read my previous posts you know that I applied on January 25. Some of the people who got in interview on the 25 and some even on the 26 so now I am nervous. Again I know that only a few people got in. I think I am so nervous because I didn't get in last time and I don't know if I can handle another rejection. I really do feel better than last time and I picked roles I was qualified for so my chances are pretty good. I really have been trying not to tell people about me applying this time because I told so many people last time then when I didn't get in everyone kept asking me about it. It hurt every time. I just really hope that I won't have to do that again. Well more pixie dust to everyone waiting and another purple folder dance to the Disney gods! Also congratulations to everyone who got their folders today, hope to see you down there!

Have a Magical Day!


  1. Hi Laura! Don't feel discouraged! I hope that you get your acceptance e-mail soon. :)

  2. I know how you feel about fearing humiliated about not getting in. I have only told 5 people in the case that I don't make it. I know you will get in this year, though. You have nothing to worry about.

  3. Same here, I've told hardly anyone that I even applied. That's why I haven't started a CP blog yet, even though I really want to.

    Maybe we'll hear something tomorrow! :)

  4. Yeah I wasn't going to start one until I hear but I was so excited I decided to do it now. I know we will all hear by next week! Also thanks for all the support you guys!