Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Interview!

Alright I have been trying to remember my interview and I think I've got most of it down. So she called at 3 exactly which was very nice because I am not a patient waiter. She started off by asking me all the general questions making sure every thing on my application was correct. Then she asked me about my previous job experience. I explained that I am currently a hostess and have also worked as a waitress in two other restaurants. I also threw in that I worked in a dentist's office and they used an electronic appointment book that I had to run. I thought this would help with FSFB because it uses electronic reservation systems.

Next she said that I had answered one of her questions so I was glad about that. She also asked me a few questions about FSFB like how I greet people. She then told me that I seem to know what the FSFB would entail. She then said the Attractions may include answering an emergency and if I would be comfortable with that, and I said yes. She also asked me if I would be comfortable talking to a group of people and if I and any experience with it. I said I would be comfortable with it but the only experience I have is giving speeches in class in front of peers. So she said if I got a spiel ride it would probably be a smaller ride.

She then told me that custodial is a little different than the other roles I picked and went on to explain what it entails. I told her that I picked it because I really love the parks and I think I would be very good at explaining where things are in the park.

She then asked if I could satisfy the Disney look and I explained that I have a tattoo on my foot. I told her all about it and she informed me that the only roles I could not do would be BBB and lifeguard. That is fine with me because I can't do other peoples hair and I can't swim. She said that any other role I would have to do a role that has a sock which is fine with me! I told her I basically would do anything to get to go.

I think it went well and at the end I told her I had applied before and she asked if I had made it or not. I told her no and she said that she was very happy to see that I was reapplying and over the last few years they have been having an overwhelming amount of people applying. All in all the interview lasted about 16 minutes. Well here I go rambling again. And so continues the Purple Folder Wait! Let us all pray the the purple folder gods in hopes of a prompt (and good) response.

Have A Magical Day!


  1. I'm not trying to pry or be rude, but do you know why you didn't make it in the past?

  2. I do not. I was going to call but I was to upset to. I only put down 4 roles and all were fairly hard to get into. I think I put down hositality and front enterance as two of my tops. I really do feel that is the reason but I can't be sure.