Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Day at Disney outfit!

Hi my name is Laura and I am a Polyvore addict.
Seriously though it is very addicting and I just can't stop doing it! When I get bored and need a break from school work, I polyvore! I have sort of run low on things to talk about right now as I still have about 6 months to wait before I go to Disney. So in between the things I have to say I will be posting my polyvore outfits. Also don't forget to formspring me because I love to answer questions!
Here is a take on my first day at Disney outfit!

Top: Old Navy $19
Shorts: Old Navy $27
Flip Flops: Old Navy $3.50 ($2.50 if you buy more than 2 pairs!!!)
Bag: Old Navy $15
(If you can't tell I love Old Navy most of my pieces come from Old Navy and I also love American Eagle so I know I will be getting more from them too!)
The camera is very similar to the one that I have, and by the time I get to Disney I will have a new phone and most likely it will be the enV Touch!
Comment if you want!!!

Have a Magical Day!

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  1. I really like this set! I can see this being worn in the park! :)