Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Laura you have just been accepted into the program of your dreams, What are you going to do next?

Yes you read that right, me, Laura Metzger, just got accepted into the WDW College Program for the fall 2010 season!
I got accepted into Custodial and I am super excited!!!! I can't write to much right now as I have class in about 20 minutes but I will say thank you for all the support everyone has shown me. I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to everyone else who got accepted today, guess what... We are going to Disney World!!!!!!
When I saw the "You's Invitation" instead of "Status Update" I started to cry because I knew I got in! This has been a long hard road for me but I a so happy to have the final destination be Disney!
Alright more later today! Also I think I am going to start a vlog now that I am accepted so be on the look out for that!

I almost forgot:
Have a MAGICAL Day!!!!


  1. Congrats!! Haha and crying was my initial response to..how else are you supposed to react :P

  2. Congratulations!!!! I got accepted today too!!!
    Such a magical day, isn't it?? hehe :D
    You're gonna LOVE custodial! A friend of mine did it for FA '09 and he actually said to me that doing the CP was the best thing he ever did! He had an awesome time with that role! :)
    Congrats again!!