Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still can't believe it!!

It has officially been a week since I got accepted to the Fall 2010 program and I still can't believe it! It doesn't feel real yet. I know that I am going, I am already making a packing list, but I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I will be in Disney for 5 months!!! I already found a roommate, her name is Brynn! She is AWESOME!! We are looking for apartment mates though so if anyone is interested let me know. We have talked to a few people about it but none are definite that I know of.

I got my purple folder last week in the mail but I can't find my camera to take "The Picture" yet! As soon as I do it will be up on here and on the facebook group!

So I am going to talk a little about my plans for getting down there! I am trying to convince my dad that we need to leave on Friday the 6th so we can get there that night. We live in Pittsburgh PA so it is about a 15-18 hour car ride depending on the amount of times we stop. My dad is a bat out of hell when it comes to getting to Florida so we have made it there in about 13 before! I am hoping to get there mid day Friday and hit up DTD and maybe go swimming. Then on Saturday I want to go to the Magic Kingdom (with our Give a Day, Get a Day passes) so I can spend one day in the parks with my family before they leave! Sunday I want to relax go to DTD , do the pre-check-in dinner and then go to bed SUPER early so me and Brynn can be at Vista by 7! We are going so early because we really want a nice room and we want to get moved in ASAP!!!

Now our plans for the first few days consist of going to DTD on day 2 to eat of Earl of Sandwich and go to the World of Disney Store!!! It is going to be AWESOME!!! Then after Traditions we are going to probably hit up MK and ride somethings then watch Wishes (and cry!!! because of all the excitement). It basically sounds like the most awesome thing ever!

So I got into Custodial and everyone makes it sound like they had a blat there! I was a little nervous at first but that is gone now and I am just pumped! I think I am going to go buy my shoes before I leave because most people have said that if you work in the parks you just have to wear black shoes (for custodial). I am going to email recruiting and tell them that I would prefer a park (specifically EPCOT) over a resort or waterpark. I know it isn't definite but it doesn't hurt to try! Also I wanted a high guest interaction role so this is probably perfect!! I get more excited every day!!!
Well I have been sort of rambling, but I haven't posted in a few days so I had a lot to say! I hope everyone is getting excited! Also I want to say Congratulations to everyone who has gotten in in the last few days, can't wait to meet everyone down there! Also if you are still waiting I am sending an army of pixies out today to bring you all lots of pixie dust! They should be arriving at everyone's houses within the next few hours! I hope you all get in!

This is a picture from this summer when I went to NYC! It is of the HUGE World of Disney store there! It felt like a mini trip to Disney in the middle of a city! I think we spent almost 2 hours in there! It was awesome!

Have a Magical Day!

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  1. Belated Congratulations! :D

    My family and I are still deciding whether we want to fly or drive down. (from Philly. Yay! PA!) :D